February 26, 2015

My evolution of music

Right so after my routine evening walk, I still feel kinda dehydrated. But that's for a worthy cause I guess. So I'm OK. I was taking about my music tastes with my friends and we discuss how and what we listened at 1st. My story goes back to 1996. Yes the Aqua's Barbie Girl era. Hmm when I'm thinking about it now it amazes me. What did I listened before that? Completely nothing or didn't I have a taste at all? Or was I too studious those days? Nevertheless, I would Like to call it as the Pre- Aqua era. Yeah that sounds kinda funny. But it's like the before time and all that.
So let me talk about the Aqua era

Aqua/ BSB Era
Well the dancy, funky kinda music was first introduced to me by my cousins who were in Australia. 1996 was the radio cassette age where we recorded all the stuff on those or from a Record Bar (the shops where they record music for us). And for a house party, they bought this cassette where the 1st song was Barbie Girl (kinda lame I know!!) that's was he 1st time where the dancy type of music really hit me. And luckily I had another cousin of my age who was in Sri Lanka. He actually did catch up the genre before me and he continued buying the cassettes, listening to the radio and etc. He influenced me to listen to radio and it was 99.9 SUN.FM where all the cool music was played.
Backstreet Boys, Five, BoyZone, 911 (if I can remember right), Destiny's Child, Spice Girls, N'Sync, Ricky Martin, Aqua and the list went on. MTV was our best friend those days. My school influenced me because it was the time where everyone started listening to Backstreet Boys and the kids who listen to those were the cool kids. Yeah I also wanted to be a cool kid. Bought their albums, dressed like them, collected the paper cuts and pics in books. Those were the days. But until the another strong genre started hitting my head badly. So lets say I listened to these music until 1999.

Snoop D-O double G/ Gangsta Era
So by now I'm pretty much into the cool music and this was the time where I discovered Hip Hop. So to begin with, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and etc. In other words, albums which are labeled with the Parental Advisory sticker. I loved that label by the way. Gave some kinda curiosity to listen what it sounds like. And to be honest, from the very 1st time I heard Snoop Dogg's voice, I was mesmerized. I actually loved that guy's voice. It was kinda faintish. But I was OK with that. So the gangsta age of mine started. I wore like Eminem, All my hair dos like Eminem, started murmuring the words like Eminem. Luckily I had few people in the school who liked this genre. So I was not alone. Listened to the Hip Hop radio shows, again, collected paper cuts and etc. Many people didn't listen to Hip Hop those days so it was kinda privileged if you were a hip hop fan. Still Dre, I still love that beat! So gangsta like! So to sum up, Dr. Dre, Snoop, 2Pac, NWA, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Ice Cube, Xcibit, Warren G, DMX, Eminem, 504 Boyz, Ruff Ryders, Master P and the list went on up to the West Coast. Until....

Entering to the Metal Scene
I discovered the metal music genre. It was my Advanced Level time where my school hosted a fair and a gig. And it was the time where the guys in the city were hyped about the live music scene, so to speak, Rock Music. Started listening to TNL Radio, because that's the channel which actually played Rock Music. 24/7 rock. Go to know many details about the bands. Because I have a tendency to find every bit of the details of the people when I love something. Specially music. So the gig in my school. In Colombo they had something called the Rock Saturday where bands meet up for gigs and a limited fan base were listening to their music. All were emerging bands during that time. That's 2003-2004 era. Stigmata (which is so big right now! respect!), Paranoid Earthling, Independence Square and etc. And this local scene was big in Colombo at that time. So this concert hit me a lot and gave an energy to listen to more and more rock music.
From their, I started listening to Thrash metal, Heavy Metal. If it's head-banging, it was my type.
And like others this included Metallica, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and all and which lead me to search more on Classic Rock and how it all began.

Classic Rock and the situation now
It's no Aqua, No BSB, no Heavy Metal. I occasionally listen to hip hop but its more like the mellow type of rock and obviously Classic Rock. Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Maidens, Ronnie James Dio, and bit of a Coldplay, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the whole Classic rock scene. Oh The Who, Eric Clapton, a lil' bit of the Shadows, Steve Miller Band, Jimmy Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Scorpions man I can type all day!!
However now the music I like is more saturated and aligned. I can listen to a good dub step (if there is a good dub step tune) and at the same time I can listen to ACDC too. So that's me. It took ages for this change and now I think I'm more mature and experienced when it comes to select the music which suites my mood. After all I still kinda privileged to listen to music where what most of the people don't know. Yes I believe you must have a dignity of the hobbies you prefer. So it gives a scene of uniqueness.

So this is my revolution of music. Yeah I'm not ashamed to say that I listened to Barbie Girl at one point of my life. That was the whole foundation. Music is a huge part of my life. It was there with me during my bad times and my good times. Through my exams, my moods. So yeah pretty much I'm addicted to music.

So what's your story of music? Would love to know!!

February 19, 2015

Reason why I dont believe in Palmistry

Okai to start with, here's the deal. If you are a die hard superstitious person, this may hurt you. But if you have a different story, please be my guest.
Ok so palmistry or being superstitious for that matter. Here are the facts. It's an historic art, people do love to know what happens next, the future blah blah blah. And there is a science for this subject if you want to learn more on palmistry.

The pic you have, that's my palm. Yes it's mine. people do get scared when they see it. Recently I posted the same on the Instagram (@shehanjp) and one follower asked, Dude how many problesms you have? like a billion? Lol my answer was Tell me one person who do no have any problems.It's a funny thing to judge people by their hands or palms. I have never showed my palm to an person who can "predict future". I like to live my life in the present by learning from the past and preparing for the future in a better way.

If I know what will happen to me in another 5 years time, my above theory will be useless. Why would anyone want to know what will happen in another 5 years time? What do they going to do about it? Prepare well? If it's a good one, they will blast because of the lack of patience. But if it's a bad news, will we prepare? or will we cry out loud? Yes we will weep. Because as humans we all are curious. That curiosity will kill us. It's not the same as wonder what will happen next in the next episode of a TV show. It's our life which we are dealing with. I'm not sure why people doesn't understand this simple theory.

According to my belief everything will come from the god. There is NO auspicious time. Every time is an auspicious if you do your thing well.
People do depend on those superstitious facts are SO LAME according to my view. NO I'm not telling everyone has to believe in god. But we have to believe in Karma. They say karma is a bitch. Well I say it's us who making that bitch. If you do good stuff, you never want to be curious about your future. Good will serve you back. C'mon people, It's the 21st century. Why make all the decisions on something which may or may not happen in the future?

Live in the present with the lessons learnt in the past and prepare for the future. Palmistry can never do this. Only your courage could.

Finally, do not put your life at risk by being superstitious. It's your life. You own the joysticks to control your life. Not anyone else...Think about it..

February 18, 2015

It hit me big times!

Well don't worry, I'm all OK. Nothing actually hit me physically. But it's something else. Feelings to be frank. Sad feelings to be precise.
It's about our dog. Chinko who is 15 to this Dec 27th. Yeah that's 98 human years.

Actually he is my wife's dog whom she got in the year 2000. And after I joined the family he became my best buddy. Oh I almost forgot to tell. I 'was' not the best when it comes to dogs. I have bad history of dogs chasing me twice. So I always made sure to keep a distance with them. But this one changed that. I know all are saying never ever offer chocolate to a dog because it's kinda poisoning their stomach. For some reason he loves chocolate and never got ill. I got friendly with him by giving all sorts of sweets and stuff. Well now 4 years have passed and if you ask who is his best buddy? It's me. Not to mention my wife is jealous about that. Lol..

 However that being the story, he was suddenly got ill few days back. I have seen him getting ill and recovering by him self. But this time, NO. We all sensed something is up with this poor fellow. He was very quite and was not eating and was seated most of the time. Well Alas!! It's a wound at his rear side and was spreading a bad odour. It was kinda critical because when he stood up he barely walked right. He was so lucky that I came home from office that day bit early and anyway after checking mobile vet services, finally decided to take the poor one. My wife came home from office because I informed her the situation. So things happened and Chinko got the chance to see the roads and the surrounding after ages. He is not that type usually going out from the garden. We were surpriced that he was so calmed down in the vehicle. Usually he is not. That's why we tried to contact he mobile vet in the first place.

At the Vet's

Doc checked his wound and told it's a very old one and he is very sick now. Gave two medicine drips and prescribed medicine. After coming home, we prepared a place for him. Checked on him about every hour until we sleep. My heart began to cry when I looked at his eyes. It told a big sad story and I almost the felt his pain. It's explainable.

Situation now

Medicine, Anti bacterial powder, yogurt, normal food.and repeat. He is hyper active and back to normal. We are so glad that he is all OK now. This is my 1st incident as a dog lover. So I was kinda shocked.

He is our lovable one. For a dog lover, no need to explain how much do animals feel us.
Long Live Chinko!!

November 23, 2014

Stanley Martin Lieber

If there is a person whom I like for his work not for Peace or Technology or Food, Music or Science and every possible thing you could imagine, that would be Mr. Stanley Martin Lieber or as we all know Stan 'the' Man or Stan Lee. I my self a 'True Believer' of the Marvel Universe. Yes its fiction, it's heroes that are drawn on pages but this single man helped it to become a reality in our minds. Who doesn't know the Spider-Man? the green monster Hulk? the X-Men? The Fantastic Four? The Avengers? It's all thanks to this man's imagination and true creativity. I would rather name him as the "Superior Nerd" of all nerds. The Living Legend Mr. Lee!!

About Stan Lee

Full Name- Stanley Martin Lieber
Born - December 28, 1922
Work Areas - Writer, editor, publisher, producer, actor, television host, voice actor, author

This will not be another Wiki page about him but my way of giving thanks to this person for giving us something extraordinary to believe.

He is a patriotic person. Why I'm saying this? Lee entered the United States Army in early 1942. Impressive, isn't it?

Before it was Marvel Comics, it was Timely Comics and in 1939 Stan Lee was an assistant with the help of his uncle and he has started his career and later in 1960's Timely Comics evolved to the name that we all know Marvel Comics.
In his own words his work were very limited. "In those days [the artists] dipped the pen in ink, [so] I had to make sure the inkwells were filled". Wow that's how he has started this? What a role model. I
mean seriously. Will you or I ever do that kind of a job?
Not only that, he recalls "I went down and got them their lunch, I did proofreading, I erased the pencils from the finished pages for them" 

Comic Code Authority (CCA)
There was a time where there were set rules and regulations introduced to the comic book world. The comic books are published and were made available to the general public only after verifying buy the CCA and that was in 1954. And if it was not adhered to the code, they were not published. This was a hit to the comic book world, publishers where they were unable to express their views leisurely. And this leaded Lee not to show his true colors as well.

Marvel Comics era
There was a point where Marvel Comics almost closed down, people were not happy with the comics they were reading, the artists were not pproductive Stan Lee almost tried to quit the job at Marvel and this is after 20 years of experience in the Comic Book world. In his words, I said to my wife, "I don't think I'm getting anywhere. I think I'd like to quit."he gave me the best piece of advice in the world. She said, "Why not write one book the way you'd like to, instead of the way Martin wants you to? Get it out of your system. The worst thing that will happen is he'll fire you -- but you want to quit anyway."
This was the time where things were going bad. So he wrote this one book in the way he wanted. And he done the book called "Fantastic Four". Four ordinary people going on a space journry and captured by radioactive waves and became heroes later. This was a massive hit and this made Lee to come back and his manager was so happy. He wanted more and more new characters from Mr. Lee. Then he gave the world The X-Men, Hulk and etc.
Then he wanted to give another superhero who is water-bound. Yeah its the Submariner or Namor the Submariner.

Do you know at 1st, when the team Jack Kirby, Steve Dikto and Stan Lee were thinking a name to keep to this teenage boy? They were Mosquito Man, Fly Man and then it was Spider-Man and the story built behind him. 

Team Power
During this time DC Comics were very powerful and they already had a superhero team called the Justice League Of America or JLA. Stan wanted to make the Marvel Superheroes to go team as well. By this time, the Thunderer Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America has been introduced to the world. So his idea was to make a team with these good guys. And it became The Avengers!! The books were sold like hot cakes. People were already in love with Marvel by this time. And the 1st Avengers issue went out in 1963.

This man's creativity spans from this universe to the other universes, hence we have the Marvel Universe. It has been expanded in an enormous way. It is because people like this great person has given more than their fullest to the comic book industry. When it was falling apart, they helped it to rise up. Specially, helped to make our childhood brighter with the imaginations. It is not stupid at all. We all have imaginations but who would like to take a risk and make the world know how it is look like? Only a few I guess.

Finally,The world without a Spider-Man? just think..it will be a boring one right?

Long Live Mr. Lee!!

November 22, 2014

Lankan Lunch

The Sri Lankan food.!! How can you ever resist? I had to post this to my Instagram feed as well. Got many comments from my followers who are in abroad about how they miss Sri Lankan food.

We are trapped in a forever rat race and thanks to the multinational fast food outlets, there's no way of enjoying a good authentic meal. Maybe we don't have to sit and enjoy a that sort of a meal or we are too lazy to cook. Anywho, there are some joints still exists in and around Colombo which serves these awesome food. One of my relations introduced this place to me and the food tasted just like the food from my home place at Kalutara. I do not want to brag. But I ate a lot and it's worth the money. It was a food feast of course!!

Support Sri Lankan gourmet food!! Enjoy a wholesome meal!!

Got Politics?

First, I'm so illiterate when it comes to Sri Lankan politics. Because I have many useful things to do than discussing about politics here in my country. One word, "Pointless". If someone asks me whats my opinion on certain something, my reply to them will be, 'Oh Please!'.
However, I feel its gonna rain harder in January because of the atmospheric changes happening. If you know what I mean.

November 16, 2014

Being Social

After a break I thought to reboot the Blog. However I had this thoughts from a long time and I think this is the right time to erupt. Being Social. Yes It's not a fact to be amazed that a huge number of people around the world are in "Social Networks". It's somewhat like a trend or socially speaking, a Must Have. We are living in an era where the pets have their own Facebook page.

If Facebook is not good enough for you, there are many competing Social Networking sites available. My purpose of posting this is to convey some kind of a message to public. Of course there are many ethics has been implemented over the years since Facebook 1st went public.
Yes we are slaves to the Technology. I really don't want to comment on that fact, however the fact is we all are happy to be salves arnt we? I would like to talk more on Facebook since we all are contributing to it some way or another.

July 6, 2014

My one month of being a Windows Phone user

So the story goes like this,
I'm a die hard Android fan since 2011. Bought my very 1st smartphone and it was a HTC Incredible-S. Since then I was so in love with the brand HTC and with Android. Had a Galaxy Tab once and then from the Incredible-S I moved to the HTC One. It was undoubtedly the best phone of 2013. Well for some wierd reason, it started giving me all sorts of issues. My biggest worry was the camera as the rest of the HTC One users world wide. The camera was having a purplish pink tint when taking pics under low lighting condition.

June 26, 2014

Back to the Reality

This will be a very short post. But, nevertheless, people do live in other states of mind. According to me it's more like living in their own bubble.
True we we all have our own likes, needs and wants. Well sometimes its hard to prioritize what we really like/ really want and really need. For some, they prioritize the likes over wants where some do the vice-versa.

June 15, 2014

Among the Cosmos

[Photo credits - http://www.ben.edu]

Among the cosmos. For me it is a relaxing theme. We live among the cosmos. We are just another one billionth of size particle when it comes to the universe, yet we are trying to conquer the whole universe.
All what we said and done and our behavior is just another negligible thing when considering the big picture.

May 9, 2014

Sky full of Stars

When I was a kid, when my friends and relations asked me what's my ambition is, I told them I want to be an Astronomer. I think I just told it. Didn't mean it much. Me and my cousin bro used to draw the stars by looking at the night sky and tried mapping them until we get a proper sign. I was not aware that there were 88 constellations. If my memory is right, I once got a shape of an elephant. But this was a fresh feeling and I wanted  to lean more. But what? how? I was clueless. Thanks to my school, there was an Armature Astronomer's Society and time passed by and I have learnt a lot. Study of stars truly inspired me and this was my new hobby.